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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Action Plan Time


Would you like to be able to find many ideas on how to integrate technology to your daily lesson plans and target various instructional strategies, all in one single place? How? Keep reading...
As part of my Action Plan, that followed to my attendance to the Google Teacher Academy MTV12, I proposed a project in which the idea is to create a toolbox for teachers with resources, provided by teachers, in which technology supports the GANAG lesson schema, created by Jane E. Pollock and the 9 high yield instructional strategies, by Marzano, Pickering and Pollock. If you're not familiar with this lesson design and strategies, visit this link and the ones included below to learn more. 

Project Description: To create a database that will provide ideas, tools, and examples on how to integrate technology to each of the steps in the GANAG lesson schema and the 9 high yield Instructional strategies (Classroom Instruction that Works, Marzano, Pickering and Pollock, 2001).

For this, I've developed a Google form with which I'd like to collect a variety of resources, such as web sites, ideas, lesson plans, sample work, etc. that involves the use of technology, for each of the 5 steps in the GANAG lesson schema and for each of the 9 High Yield Instructional Strategies. A brief example of what I'm looking for can be found in a older post on my blog.

I greatly appreciate the time invested in providing this valuable information for the project. 

You can check back at the web site to see what has been posted so far. This is a work in progress and will be updated continuously as new material is submitted.

I'd love to learn more about your experience with lesson planning and design and technology!

Got more ideas? No problem. You can fill out the form as many times as needed!

Thanks again!

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