“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” —Bill Gates

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photos & Videos to/from iPad

At this time I'm going to review another very useful iPad app I've been using. It's the Wireless Transfer App.
With this app it is so easy to wirelessly transfer videos and photos from iPad to iPad, Computer to iPad and iPad to Computer. I'm talking about iPads because that's what I use at school and for myself, but instead of an iPad you can do it with an iPhone, iPod, or between any two iDevices. Works for both PCs and Macs too.

Are you frustrated trying to send a video that is too big to be emailed? Don't want to mess with accounts and upload to YouTube? Don't worry about that anymore, with Wireless Transfer you can transfer large videos in a cinch!

Get started: Purchase the app for only 2.99 USD.

Tap on "Send" or "Receive". 

Select which device to send to: "Computer" or "iPad".

For "Computer", you will be given a URL. 

That's all you need! Enter the URL on your computer browser and you will instantly connect to the media of your iPad.

 For "iPad", you will need to have the app installed on the other device too.
What you see on the computer's end is access to the iPad's camera roll:

Where you can select one or more files and download then all as a zip file. 

Additionally, there is a free application through Wirelesss Transfer that you can download to your computer to better manage the files on your iPad.

Try it out, it will save you lots of time!



Monday, March 11, 2013

Google Search: Fun & Easy

I am very excited to share with you an iPad app that I've been trying out. The app I'm referring to is called "Google Search". It brings the power of Google to your fingertips...literally! 
Google Search is a free app that you can find in the iTunes store, yet so powerful. Let me show you briefly how it works.

After you open the app, you will find some options to choose from:
What I use the most is "Apps", which looks like this...

I basically use "Calendar", which shows your daily agenda, and "Docs", which gives you the mobile view of your docs. Cool so far! But wait...

The amazing options I'm so excited about that I've been trying out are "Voice" and "Goggles". With Voice you can speak and enter a search query. Here's a video that demonstrates this.


Last, but not least, we have "Goggles". Awesome! Just point your camera at anything: an object, a picture, a book, etc. and Google will try to search for it's description. If there is text involved, Google will recognize it and offer to search and translate it. Here's a video that demonstrates what happened when I took a picture of a magazine through Goggles. 


Isn't this wonderful? Now you try it out. Tell me how it goes and what new features you find! Have fun!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Digital Eagle Way

In our school, the students at the Elementary Campus pledge to follow the Eagle Way and be an example to others and to themselves. The Eagle Way is: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Caring, Be Honest, and Be a Thinker. This applies to all aspects of the student's life. 

Having a strong technology program at school, I was curious to know what an Eagle would look like in terms of technology. After talking it through with a few colleagues, they suggested I should ask the kids. Great idea! So I prepared a Google Form and sent it to the Technology teachers so they could apply the survey during Tech Class. Wow! I received hundreds of answers from PK - 5th grade! Awesome! I read through all the replies and narrowed their suggestions down to 5 main ideas for each of the Eagle Way attributes.

Now we can see how a Digital Eagle Way can be an example to others. To provide a visual, I created a word cloud with all the words in their replies.

Be responsible:

  • Go to web sites that you know are appropriate for you.
  • Use your time wisely, finish your work on time, and don't get distracted.
  • Follow instructions and do the job that was assigned to you.
  • Be safe when using the Internet and don't share personal information or your password.
  • Be careful of your actions while using the computer and with all equipment.

Be respectful:

  • Don't cyber bully! Don't post embarrassing videos or photos online.
  • Be nice to others, don't say bad words, don't insult people online.
  • Pay attention to the teacher and don't disrupt the class.
  • Help classmates when they're stuck and don't make fun of them.
  • Take care of computers and iPads by handling them properly.

Be caring:

  • Help classmates with their work and show them how to use new stuff.
  • If someone doesn't have friends, follow or make him your friend.
  • Be polite when talking with others.
  • Stand up for a bullied friend and tell an adult.
  • Treat school computers the way you want your computer to be treated, don't hit the computer when it doesn't work.

Be honest:

  • Always say the truth, don't lie about your age if you're not 13 or older.
  • Don't copy information on a project, use your own words.
  • Don't cheat and go to other web sites while you're supposed to be in another.
  • Don't hack into another person's account and do not post lies or rumors on the Internet.
  • If your parent or teacher doesn't let you use a web site, then don't use it.

Be a thinker:

  • Think twice before you post something, before you click a link, and before you act.
  • Pay attention when the teacher fixes something so you can do it yourself later.
  • When you can't do something and you only tried it once don't go to the teacher and say I can't do it, keep trying.
  • Make good decisions, think about your future.
  • Learn how to identify good and bad websites.

The word clouds were done with wordle.net, a wonderful tool that will help you visualize concepts and repeating words, just by copy-pasting text. The more times the word appears in the text, the larger it will show in the cloud.