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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photos & Videos to/from iPad

At this time I'm going to review another very useful iPad app I've been using. It's the Wireless Transfer App.
With this app it is so easy to wirelessly transfer videos and photos from iPad to iPad, Computer to iPad and iPad to Computer. I'm talking about iPads because that's what I use at school and for myself, but instead of an iPad you can do it with an iPhone, iPod, or between any two iDevices. Works for both PCs and Macs too.

Are you frustrated trying to send a video that is too big to be emailed? Don't want to mess with accounts and upload to YouTube? Don't worry about that anymore, with Wireless Transfer you can transfer large videos in a cinch!

Get started: Purchase the app for only 2.99 USD.

Tap on "Send" or "Receive". 

Select which device to send to: "Computer" or "iPad".

For "Computer", you will be given a URL. 

That's all you need! Enter the URL on your computer browser and you will instantly connect to the media of your iPad.

 For "iPad", you will need to have the app installed on the other device too.
What you see on the computer's end is access to the iPad's camera roll:

Where you can select one or more files and download then all as a zip file. 

Additionally, there is a free application through Wirelesss Transfer that you can download to your computer to better manage the files on your iPad.

Try it out, it will save you lots of time!



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