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Saturday, March 1, 2014

PE and iPads

Hello everyone!

This week I met with our Elem PE (Physical Education) department. These teachers were equipped with shiny new iPad mini devices at the start of the school year. Additionally, in school we have several iPad carts with full class sets of devices. This time, the teachers were looking for ways in which they could better use the equipment with their students.

In this post I'll share what I found and recommended to our PE teachers. This is based on the needs of our PE program and on what resources are available in our school. I divided the list into two parts: 1- What is specific for the teacher, to increase their productivity, efficiency, and enhance their teaching, and 2 - What is geared towards students to improve their learning.



  • Music - Play music or play a recording that delivers your lesson.
  • Camera - Record yourself giving instructions or following a routine.
  • Calendar - Synchronize your school calendar with your iPad calendar. (Instructions here)
  • Clock - Use the timer or countdown feature to easily keep track of time.
  • Notes - Write quick notes.


Keynote - Create presentations to deliver your lessons. 
YouTube - Show videos that feature dance or sports routines. 
StopWatch +CameraCapture the time and moment in which a student performs a skill.
Coach’s Eye - Record students' movements and progress. 
Garageband - Create podcasts or voice recordings of routines.
Pick Me! - Be able to randomly choose students.
ShowMe - Make annotations on any picture. Use also as a whiteboard.
ClassDojo - Manage behavior and other class dispositions.
Edmodo - Manage your class assignments and establish communication with students.
Splashtop Whiteboard - Control your computer through your iPad.
Reflector - This application is actually installed on the computer. Used to project the iPad through your computer via Airplay.
eClicker - Assign quick quizzes, check for understanding, and collect immediate feedback
QR Codes - Create quick links with more information. Use QR code generator sites such as QR Stuff.



  • Safari browser - Have students perform research on a specific topic.
  • Camera - Take pictures or video. Use it so students can compare, reflect, and track progress.


Explain Everything - Ask kids to explain a routine, label a picture, etc.
iMovie - Students can record and edit an activity they perform.
eClicker - Kids can answer the quiz created by the teacher or they could create their own. (See previous post)
Edmodo - To maintain communication between student and teacher.
QR Reader - Be able to scan a QRcode and link to more information.
BrainPop - Watch educational videos, answer quizzes, and do more activities.

Other recommended websites:

If you have any success stories regarding PE class, please leave your comments below.


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  1. Oh, forgot to mention…an app I think is awesome, although for older students or for trainers, is iMuscle 2 - https://itunes.apple.com/mx/app/imuscle-2/id430559374?l=en&mt=8.