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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nursery Can Skype Too!

Last week I was invited to a Nursery classroom. Thank you Greta and Paula! These teachers had scheduled a Skype session with another classroom from Andover, Kansas, USA. Paula had contacted the Kansas teacher through Twitter. They had agreed to have the groups meet for 10 minutes.

What an amazing experience!

First, let me give you some background knowledge. Our Nursery students are 3-4 year old. They are the youngest students in our school. For most of them their first language is Spanish and they are learning to speak English.

The kids are currently learning about continents and animals around the world. The timing of this Skype session was just right. It represented an opportunity for them to learn about people and things from a distant location that they could locate on their world map.

The teachers agreed to ask basic questions, such as, what do you like to eat? what do you do after school? what's your school's mascot?

The kids became very excited when the session started. The teachers took turns asking the questions and the students responded.

A lot of learning took place. When the conference was over, the group took time to reflect on their conversations and they could tell that they had made important connections.  They shared very similar preferences and activities!

Take a look at this video that summarizes the moment.

The Nursery teachers plan to partner with other schools from other parts of the world and help their students become globally connected!

Stay tuned for the next adventure in Nursery!


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