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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hooray for Haiku Learning!

Hi! A couple of blog posts ago, I talked about the process my school was going through in looking for a new LMS that would be suitable for all grade levels Nursery-12th. At that time, we were moving into phase 2 ready to test the two LMS finalists: Haiku Learning and Schoology.

Fortunately, for this round, the testing group grew. We had new teachers join us, in addition to giving all the school administrators access to the platforms. All the different stakeholders were well represented.

During the final days of phase 2, all pilot teachers were asked to submit a scored rubric evaluation of the LMS they each tested. Surveys were sent to parents and students. On a 5 point scale, Haiku Learning scored a whopping 4.66, compared to 3.33 for Schoology.

During the last pilot group meeting, each LMS pilot leader had the opportunity to speak about the Pros and Cons of their system. Feedback collected from teachers, students, and parents was shared.

Then, it was time to vote.

It was unanimous – everyone voted in favor of Haiku Learning!

ASFM is now preparing for the transition and will start the new school year with everyone on board. I am confident that Haiku Learning is a good choice and will very much support the Blended Learning environment that we strive to develop for the years to come.


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